A tribute to Summer: Woodland pendants

Botanical pressed, antique pendant Heather
Botanical pressed pendant
Woodland floral pendant
Botanical pressed, antique pendant
Botanical antique pendants
Botanical pressed antique pendant


I've been trying to think during the whole Summer what would be the best way to keep a trace of the beautiful flowers that bloom in the woods during that season. I'm still updating my botanical diary every month since I started it, but I think that I also wanted to create something a little bit more special, something that I could carry around with me all the time.

These little pendants have been in my mind for so many years, but I never figure out how I could make them. As soon as the heather started blooming, I knew that I had to start working on them. My favourite flower was not going to last for more than a few weeks, and then the winter will settle and no flower will be collected during that time.

So I've been enjoying many walks in the woods lately, searching for plants to press and mushrooms to gather if they were on my way. Many pages of old books are now filled with colorful flowers that are slowly drying, getting ready to find their last resting nest.

These little gems are my tribute to Summer, and you can find them in my shop!