Hello September!

Mandarine's: Lopi wool
Mandarine's: Heather & wool
Mandarine's: Woodland soup
Mandarine's: Hawthorn


I hope that you are doing well since last time and that you are embracing this new season.
Even though the Autumn has not officially started, I like to associate the 1st of September with the beginning of Fall. And I’ve been enjoying it so much!
Last weekend, I’ve been mushrooming for the first time in a very long time. And I came back home with a basket full of different mushrooms. Some of them have been eaten in soup, but the most part has been preserved for this winter.


Mandarine's: fringe supplu&co


Even though I'm not a college student anymore, I wanted to treat myself with some "back to school" supplies. And in my world, that means knitting stuff. I've been wanting this tote for such a long time. I often work in coffeeshops and so I thought that this little bag would be perfect to carry all of my projects around. I also ordered some icelandic yarn for a new sweater, and got some very good deals whislt browsing people stashes on Ravelry. SO there's even more yarn on its way!

Mandarine's: new sweater in progress
Mandarine's: mushroom
Mandarine's: Fringe Supply co tote bag
Mandarine's: Heather
Mandarine's: work in progress sweater
Mandarine's: Winward wearables pouch & knit
Mandarine's: botanical antique pendant
Mandarine's: Botanical antique pendant

Are you also looking forward to embracing this new season?