Mandarine's: Fall


Since Autumn is my favourite season, I decided to share the little list of things that I would like to try or accomplish during these favourites months. I do not want to set any “goal”, and feel frustrated once I know that none of the ones listed has be accomplished, no pressure on! But if some of the “task” listed could become a tradition that I would be thrilled to repeat year after year, that would make a very happy me.
Living alongside the seasons and enjoying the simple details that fills everyday life is something very dear to my heart. When the first shoots blossom on trees in the Spring, and they hold the promise of a luxurious harvest in the Summer, or when chestnuts are collected in the woods to make the most delicious Autumn soup, or when it’s already the time to decorate the Christmas tree and gather around a table of abundance with our family in the Winter, these are the things that I cherish the most. These simple moments that don’t last very long, but that we’re expecting with so much joy and happiness.
I do not have a lot of traditions yet, but from now on, I'll be working hard on making it something regular on the annual calendar.

Simple ideas for Autumn:

  • Gathering acorns, and try making coffee.
  • Taking pictures of the trees.
  • Trying different recipes with squashes and nuts (soups, pies & breads).
  • Knitting a sweater for Fall+ an accesorie.
  • Decorating the house for the season (This wreath is so lovely).
  • Preserving food for the Winter.