Mandarine's: Another wooly-related blogpost


Today I thought that I could share some of my favourite things that are happening in the knitting world lately. And since the "knitting season" has officially started, I feel totally legit to post another wooly-related post!

  • One of my favourite online wool store is having another great discount on some stunning yarns. I've been wanting the Fibre Company yarns for quite some time, so when I saw that Road to China Light had a 30% off, I couldn't resist any longer, and grabbed two skeins. (You should hurry, there's only a few skeins left).
  • That sale couldn't come at a better moment, because I've been quite obssessed while shawls lately. And since I said in my previous post that I wanted to knit an accesory for this new season, I don't feel totally guilty for adding more yarn to my stash. This lovely one is probably going to be cast on very soon.
  • Gudrun Johnston has released her Shetland Trader book two (have you seen this and this), and she will be in Paris, at L'Oisivethé, in October to sign copies of her book....(sigh)
  • Pinecone & Mulberry has been featured on the Ravelry front page this week. That was totally unexpected, and it is very humbling.
  • Liesl monthly sock challenge has started! I'll be a bit too busy this month to participate, but I'll join in before the end. (And I'm so glad that she's "back" to blogging).
  • The Fancy Tiger Crafts blog that I've been reading for ages, but that I never had the chance to share it yet.
  • The Shetland Wool Week Knit Along is about to start in just a few more weeks. I've been so thrilled to see so many beautiful colors put together!