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I've been invited by the lovely Leigh to talk a little bit about my creating process. I don't usually take part in these kind of challenges where you have to answer questions because I always feel a bit ackward talking about myself too much, but since this one is more about the process, I can totally join in!

What am I working on

As I said in previous last article, I became a monogamous knitter not so long ago, which means that my hands are always busy, working on different projects. I have a several personal ones on the go like the Keynote cardigan, Strokkur, the Warble cowl, and the Shaelyn shawl that I started yesterday morning. And there's also a few patterns that I'm designing: some of them are still taking shape in my mind, some are patiently wanting on the blank pages of my sketchbook, and a very few are on the needles for testing.

How does my work differ from others

That's a really hard one... There's so many talented designers, knitters and bloggers in the "knitting world" that it can be difficult to find its own place. But what I have learned from many different situations in my life is to -at least try, not to compare myself to others, and do things the way I feel, follow my instincts, and stick to the things I like.

Warble cowl
Mandarine's: the creative process
Pinecone&Mulberry hats
Shaelyn shawl

Why do I write/create what I do

As a very private, introverted person, I don't always know how to express myself the best. But I genuinely think that blogging helped me in that direction. I do love to sit, and try to find a way to share my thoughts on knitting, self-sufficiency and other cherished topics, here on the blog. But when the words do not find their way through, I often take my camera and snap instead. And I think that the same goes with knitting... When I put stitches on my needles, it either makes my mind totally blank, which is a very good thing because it helps me to stop the thinking button for a while, or it has the opposite effect, and all my heart & thoughts go into an accesory or a piece of garnment.

How does my writing/creative process work?

I try to take many walks in my neighbourghood with my camera in hand, and it's usually when I come back home, the memory card full, and the brain steaming, that the creating process starts.  Then I have to look up at the photographs that I took, edit them, place them safely in a folder and browse the internet for yarn! If I feel inspired to cast on something personal, I will spend hours reaserching for the pattern that I feel like and the perfect yarn that could match. If my mind is full of ideas and patterns that I want to write, I have to sit down and put all of the thoughts of paper before they dissapear.


Grace is taking over the challenge on her blog next week, so head over there to read her answers. If you feel like participating, please do!

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