Mandarine's: New/old favourite hat, Pressed leaves beret
Mandarine's: Pressed leaves hat

At the beginning of the week, I went through my pile of hand-knit hats, searching for the one that would reflect my mood and my wish to welcome this beautiful season. Pressed Leaves has always been a favourite, not only for for its texture, but also for its softness & color. it's been a stable in my wardrobe since the moment I cast it off. But I do not overwear it, as I'm trying to "save it" for this time of the year.

However, as far as I loved this hat, I didn't give it as much wear as I intended to. Pressed Leaves was one of the first hats that I ever knit, and by the time it was on my needles, I didn't have any clue about what gauge was, or how to substitute yarns properly. The pattern calls for a DK yarn, and the one that I had choosen was more of an aran weight. But I didn't think that it mattered that much. So when I cast it off, it came out, without doubt, way too big.

At that time, this hat took me hours and hours of work, and I really couldn't make up my mind and unravel it. It only took me one whole year to decide that it was time to make something beautiful with my beloved hat. I ripped it off at the beginning of the week, and started over. I went down to two needle sizes for the brim, and one needle size for the body. Then I washed it with the oh so lovely lanolin&lavander wool wash that Anna gifted it, and dried it over a plate.

Life is really too short to spoil beautiful yarns.