A Knitter's Automnal Wishlist

A knitter's autumnal wishlist

I love new beginnings. The light gets softer, the leaves start changing to stunning subtle gold and orange colors, Autumn is here and a new season starts. Even though I'm not at school anymore, I always consider this time of the year as a new beginning. It's the time when I like to get a new planner, new supplies, get more organize and decluter. And it's even more the case this year, because our current living room has been completely reorganized, allowing me to work from there, and stash my messy creativity!


  1. I like to keep track of my designs and personnal knitting projects in different diaries. Journaling is something that I have always enjoyed, and keeping physical memories is something that I'm passionate about. My design diary is very similar to this one.
  2. I came across this very neat tutorial the other, and thought of giving it a try very soon.
  3. This is the yarn that I'm currently obsessed with.
  4. After coming back from the hospital with my half broken toe, I treated myself to my very first little box of løv organic tea. I'm not sure if they had this specific blend or not, but that's something that I would definitely want to try.
  5. Have you heard about Twig and Horn? Beautiful aesthetic, gorgeous pictures. I run out of wooly soap, and I would very much like to give a try to their soap.