A month away...

I cannot believe that it's been a month already. I never took such a long break before, and it was absolutely unententionnal. I've simply been too busy working on many things at the same time. And when I woke up one morning I realised that we were already in the middle of March... unbelievable!

Since the last time we spoke, a lot of things happened, knitting-wise, gardening-wise, and living-wise!
I've been playing with thousands of stitches, knitting, and unravelling, melting some wax to make candles, went to the woods a couple of time to gather some dye material, eat countless loaves of homebaked bread, met incredible ladies and chatted about crafts, knitting and food.

I hope that Spring has founds its way to you! We had a couple of snowflakes this morning, but I'm hoping to see some blossoms on the trees very soon! Until next time!