Mandarine's episode 8: Sourcing local yarn & meeting virtual friends.

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that a new Mandarine's episode is available. In this week's episode I talk about the upcoming knitting wokshop that I'll be attending, sourcing local yarn, knitting a baby sweater and meeting virtual friends.

To watch the episode, you can simply click on "homepage", scroll down and click on "podcast".

I'm so looking forward to learning new techniques next week during the workshop. I'm planning to bring my Latvian mitten bible, and ask as many questions as I can, so then I'll be able to knit any Latvian mitten pattern. I'm so thrilled about it, and I cannot wait for next week's class. As the workshop is free of charge, we ought to bring our own wool. And I'm so stocked about it. I selected the three skeins above for the workshop, and I think that the color palette is absolutely lovely. The yarn that I'll be using is a Latvian brand, but the wool actually comes from New-Zealand. The white yarn will be used as the main color and the salmon & purple will make a very nice contrast. I grabbed the first skein in one of my local yarn shop while walking in town with Dottie Angel and Meg. These two ladies were the cherries on top of my fantastic week. They were such a joy, and it was absolutely fantastic to meet them. And the bottom skein is one that I have naturally dyed a couple of weeks ago.

I wish you a wonderful end of your week, and I will keep you updated on my worshop ventures!

Thank you so much for your kind words about the new website design, I really love the way it turned out, and I'm so pleased to have created a place that I love even more than before.